Interior Catalogue

10 10 Being able to regulate light with the help of curtains adds a positive feature to the interior design through colour and soft materials. The fact that curtains not only contribute to a more caring environment but also have technical characteristics is perhaps not common knowledge. We have selected a collection of curtains with tailored properties such as sound absorption, odour control and light regulation which are important factors for lowering stress levels and thus creating better conditions for well-being. The collection we offer on the following pages meet the high standards for fire retardants, hygiene and sustainability. We can offer sheer curtains that filter light, reduce outside noise, and protect patient privacy. Textiles offer the right to regulate light and views. We can also offer custom patterns or photos that can be digitally printed on the curtains. Please feel free to consult with us before ordering curtains. We will happily help you with fabric samples and advise which curtain type suits the need of your interior design best. All curtains are permanently flame retardant and tear resistant. CURTAINS