Interior Catalogue

11 11 DIMOUT Blackout curtains, so-called "dim-out", are a very practical and simple way to control the flow of light. It may seem obvious, but it is not everywhere patients and clients have the possibility to control the flow of natural light or surveillance lighting. It is well known that to shut out light provides better conditions for sleep. Sleep quality is a significant factor for well-being and lessen stress, which in turn can reduce ill-being, healing and aggression. AIR The odour-neutralizing technique that breaks down the molecules is permanent and does not vanish or leak when washing the curtains. SHOWER CURTAIN The shower curtain is unique as it is washable in high temperature. In addition, a shower curtain is a flexible and economical way to prevent moisture and mold in bathrooms. But not least, it contributes to patient/user privacy. ACOUSTIC The unique curtain structure creates a three-dimensional surface that provides exceptionally good sound-absorbing properties (sound absorption class A). The structure also provides a beautiful pattern that reflects light and creates a subtle vivid impression. AIR ACOUSTIC DIMOUT SHOWER CURTAIN