Interior Catalogue

12 12 • Self-harm and suicide resistant hooks and board with hooks • No ligature fixation points for a string or similar. Releases at 8-9 kg vertical load • Easy to install, designed for a tight fit to the wall and extremely difficult to detach Despite the hook's "normal" appearance and attractive design, the meticulous choice of material combined with its unique design details entails the hook is both safe and functional. The patented self-harm and suicide-resistant hook is designed with the aim of adding color and design to the care environment. The hook is developed in collaboration with Helix Forensic Psychiatry, Huddinge Hospital in Stockholm. It can handle the weight of several garments or towels, but when an abnormal weight over 9 kgs is applied in vertical downward direction the hook bends and releases. A string, a cord, or similar will then slide off the hook which thereafter regains its shape. Tests show that the hook still retains its shape and function after 1000 cycles of overload. The board made in water resistant high pressure laminate has sloped edges and fits tight to the wall in order to avoid any ligature fixation. HOOKS & BOARD WITH HOOKS HOOK – JT 101 black, W: 20 mm H: 65 mm D: 35 mm HOOK – JT 100 white, W: 20 mm H: 65 mm D: 35 mm The hook bends at an abnormal load and the string slides off