Interior Catalogue

14 14 Fitting a closet with safe hangers is a challenge many facilities struggle with. Some may have developed their own solutions to prevent self-harm and suicide, or simply removed the hangers and rail, removing the ability to hang clothes. Hanging your clothes, not folding them, is a necessity for many garments to look nice and fresh, and gives a good overview of your clothes. Hanging your clothes contributes to increased normality. Research points out the importance of being able to keep your clothes in order and hang them.6 We have developed a self-harm and suicide resistant rail that is to be attached under a shelf or top of a wardrobe. It is not possible to attach anything to the rail other than J-trac hangers. Through the smart hanger disc, you can switch between J-trac hanger – light or J-trac hanger, light – paper. The J-trac hanger is available in three models (see pages 15-17). J-trac hanger is also designed to be hung on our ligature resistant hook – an easy way to air your clothes. J-TRAC HANGER SYSTEM MODEL: LIGHT ROBUST LIGHT – PAPER Sucicide preventiv Light weight Washable Durable • • • • • • • • • J-trac hangers are sold in a pack of 5 hangers or as part of a whole system. 6 References on page 67.