Interior Catalogue

15 15 J-TRAC HANGER SYSTEM, 5 LIGHT hangers - HS 901 5 hangers, 1 rail och 2 end caps J-TRAC HANGER, DISC – HS 908 J-TRAC HANGER, w/o disc, LIGHT – HS 911 J-TRAC HANGER, LIGHT – HS 907 5 pcs. W: 420 mm H: 200 mm J-TRAC HANGER, LIGHT • Self-harm and suicide resistant, releases from the rail at abnormal load • Light and robust clothes hanger • Hygienic J-trachanger, light consists of adisc in thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and a replaceable clothes hanger in PUR foam. PUR foam is a unique material that is light and flexible but also extremely robust and tear resistant. Low weight reduces the risk of injury by impact. In order for many garments to look good and keep well, it is necessary to be able to hang them. The J-trac hanger system is sized for wardrobes with a width of 600 mm or less, but can be specially ordered in longer lengths.