Interior Catalogue

17 17 J-TRAC HANGER, DISC – HS 908 J-TRAC HANGER, w/o disc, LIGHT - PAPER, 25 pcs – HS 909 J-TRAC HANGER SYSTEM, 5 LIGHT - PAPER hangers – HS 900 5 hangers, 1 rail och 2 end caps J-TRAC HANGER, LIGHT - PAPER – HS 902 5 pcs. W: 420 mm H: 200 mm J-TRAC HANGER, LIGHT – PAPER J-trac hanger, light – paper consists of a disc in thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and an interchangeable clothes hanger made of 2-ply corrugated cardboard. The hanger releases from the rail at a risk load. The disc is easily attached to the hanger but can easily be opened if the hanger needs to be replaced. The J-trac hanger system is sized for wardrobes with a width of 600 mm or less, but can be custom ordered in other lengths. • Self-harm and suicide resistant, releases from the rail at risk load • Interchangeable hanger • Hanger can be printed with a pattern on request