Interior Catalogue

18 18 BATHROOM PRODUCTS Bathrooms in challenging environments are places where there is a high risk of self-harm. Due to the respect of privacy (non-observational space), and the design of the interior itself, bathrooms are commonly designed in a way that may pose risks of self-harm. Therefore, it is specifically important to avoid ligature points in en-suite bathrooms. Despite the high-risk environment, safe bathroom products can by their design and choice of material offer a good and easy-to-understand function that contributes to a higher level of safety. It is common in facilities that interior products are reduced to a minimum to reduce risk, which leaves a poor and non functional environment. Together with the facility, we solve the problems and needs that arise. A pioneering project is the test room at Nacka Psychiatric clinic where one strives purposefully to create a safe and well-designed environment (see below). Nacka psykiatri provrum Bathroom mirror page 27