Interior Catalogue

20 20 TOILET BRUSH, 5 pcs – HS 205 W: 390 mm B: 75 mm D: 90 mm Easy to reattach the toilet paper holder to the bracket Designed with simplicity and clarity in its form and function. The design of the wall bracket with its bevelled edges and flexible brackets prevents creating a ligature point that holds an abnormal load. The bracket is tested to withstand over 1000 overloads, and still retains its shape and function. Designed in collaboration with Region Hovedstaden Psychiatry, Copenhagen, Denmark. • The shaft is in a flexible material that is difficult to break. Cannot be sharpened, if broken. • Looks and works like an ordinary toilet brush • Including wall mounted holder and bracket An ordinary toilet brush can be broken and used as a sharp tool. Our design reduces the risk of self-harm or the risk of harming someone else. The flexible brush is made of a specially developed flexible plastic. The toilet brush holder is hung on a wall bracket to facilitate floor cleaning. The wall bracket is flexible and ligature resistant. TOILET PAPER HOLDER TOILET BRUSH TOILET PAPER HOLDER – JT 200 W: 160 mm H: 150 mm D: 20 mm The shaft is in a flexible material and does not risk to become a sharp object • Suicide resistant toilet paper holder - releases from the wall bracket at an abnormal load • Highly flexible material, the toilet paper holder cannot be broken, nor sharpened • Large radius corners for reduced risk of injury