Interior Catalogue

21 21 PULL HANDLE 450 – HSA106 H: 450 mm, W: 32 mm PULL HANDLE 600 – HSA107 H: 600 mm, W: 32 mm PULL HANDLE 800 – HSA108 H: 800 mm, W: 32 mm SOAP DISPENSER – HSA101 W: 191 mm, H: 345 mm, D: 99 mm SHOWER SEAT – HSA105 W: 600 mm, H: 247 mm, D: 250 mm SOAP DISPENSER & SUPPORT HANDLES • Self-harm resistant products for bathrooms • Safe and robust • Designed for easy hygiene control a minimized risk of damage Pull handles, grip and support rails that provide extra support. 2 mm holes to allow drainage but small enough to resist fastening e.g., a shoe string Sloped top to reduce the risk of ligature points GRAB RAIL, RIGHT – HSA109 H: 38 mm, L: 600 mm GRAB RAIL, LEFT – HSA110 H: 38 mm, L: 600 mm HINGED GRAB RAIL – HSA111 Blue Resists ligature attachment when locked to the wall WC ligature resistant hinged grab rail Extra grip support, wall mounted