Interior Catalogue

22 22 TOOTHBRUSHES AND PERSONAL CARE TOOTHBRUSH FULL HANDLE – HSO622 L: 160 mm, 30 pcs TOOTHBRUSH FLEX – HSO624 L: 100 mm, 30 pcs TOOTHBRUSH – HSO625 L: 100 mm, 30 pcs DISPOSABLE TOOTHBRUSH, PRE-PASTED – HSO626 L: 70 mm, 30 pcs TOOTHBRUSH – HSO-623 L: 70 mm, 30 pcs All toothbrushes have soft shafts and cannot be sharpened • Hygiene products with safety and health in focus • Designed specifically for challenging environments • Products in flexible materials so that they cannot be broken and sharpened In many environments with high safety requirements, it is not possible for clients / patients to independently choose hygiene products because the care setting must relate to the fact that certain hygiene products may pose a safety risk, and therefore are not possible to use. Evidence-based Design, EBD, shows that control of the physical environment lowers stress levels, which can reduce aggression and promote healing. The toothbrushes are available in several models, all of which are safe and flexible. Transparent packaging makes it difficult to hide objects or manipulate the packaging.