Interior Catalogue

24 24 TABLEWARE • Self-harm resistant tableware • Made of durable and unbreakable plastic with specific material properties and design to minimize the risk of creating sharp objects. • Reusable products, which contributes to less environmental impact compared to disposable products The tableware is designed to reduce the risk of self-harming behaviour and harm to others. Safe glasses, plates and cutlery are important for many care settings that strive for patient safety and a safe working environment for staff. Our goal is to offer tableware with a simple and recognizable form for a "normalized" environment. FORK ORANGE, FLEXIBEL – JT 640 25 pcs KNIFE ORANGE, FLEXIBEL – JT 641 25 pcs SPOON ORANGE, FLEXIBEL – JT 642 25 pcs TEASPOON ORANGE, FLEXIBEL – JT 643 25 pcs CUTLERY • Self-harm and suicide resistant cutlery for challenging environments • Cutlery in semiflexible plastic that minimizes the risk of sharp objects • Dishwasher safe The cutlery is designed to reduce self-harming behaviour or harm to others. The design reduces the amount of material that can be sharpened or cause damage. Made of durable and semiflexible plastic with specific material properties to minimize the risk of creating sharp objects. Difficult to break, if broken the edges are not as sharp as with harder plastics. The performance of the cutlery cannot be compared with cutlery made of harder plastics or stainless steel, but are aimed for users with severe risk of self-harm, or harming others. The cutlery is used by the Swedish prison services, psychiatric hospitals and youth homes - not least for young people with severe selfharm problems.