Interior Catalogue

25 25 PLATES DINNER PLATE WHITE, LEXAN– HS 605 Ø 240 mm, 25 pcs SOUP PLATE WHITE, LEXAN – HS 606 Ø 180 mm, 25 pcs PLATE WHITE, LEXAN – HS 607 Ø 180 mm, 25 pcs DINNER PLATE GREEN BIO – HS 610 Ø 250 mm, 25 pcs PLATE GREEN BIO – HS 611 Ø 240 mm, 25 pcs SOUP PLATE GREEN BIO – HS 612 Ø 150 mm, 25 pcs • Self-harm resistant plates for challenging environments • Durable and unbreakable plastics • Microwave and dishwasher safe Durable plates produced in robust and impact-resistant plastic, extremely difficult to break. The white plates are made of Lexan and extremely robust. The BIO plates have more than 80% less carbon footprint compared to similar products in conventional plastics. GLASSES & MUGS • Extremely durable and unbreakable glasses and mugs • ”Normalized” table setting in challenging environments • Microwave and dishwasher safe Durable and unbreakable glasses, mugs and water pitcher with a well recognizable shape that contributes to a normalized table setting. Made of impact resistant unbreakable plastic with specific material properties to minimize the risk of creating sharp objects. The products are dishwasher and microwave safe. (Keep in mind that compared to ordinary glass, plastic products do develop scratches and marks over time.) Note that plastic is sensitive to drastic changes in temperature and / or humidity. Dishwasher and microwave use works well, so does cleaning with mild detergents. However, we cannot guarantee the durability in relation to maximum dishwasher cycles because all machines work differently. WATER PITCHER - HS 617 1,4 liters PLASTIC GLASS, BLACK – JT 222 30 cl, 25 pcs PLASTIC GLASS, FROSTED – JT 221 30 cl, 25 pcs GLASS, 40 cl - HS 614 25 pcs COFFEE MUG, - HS 618 28 cl, 25 pcs GLASS, 25 cl - HS 616 25 pcs GLASS, 28 cl - HS 615 25 pcs