Interior Catalogue

26 26 INTERIOR PRODUCTS WHITEBOARD – HS 425 W: 600 mm H: 800 mm D: 21 mm Interior products that contribute to a more functional, attractive and normalized environment without sacrificing safety. For many people with cognitive or intellectual challenges, it is important to be able to maintain a daily structure, where for example both a whiteboard and a clock provides support for daily routines. • The frame has sloped edges to reduce the risk of attaching a ligature • Robust and durable • Mounted securely to the wall with safety screws The whiteboard can be used to express oneself in writing or drawing and/or for schedules and notes to support the structure of daily activities. Designed for whiteboard pens. • Ligature resistant design • Robust and impact resistant casing • Easy-to-read displays Battery powered 24-hour clock with day, date, month, year and temperature. Other colours available on request. WHITEBOARD DIGITAL SAFE CLOCK – HSA140 W: 328 mm, H: 355 mm, D: 35 mm ANALOGUE SAFE CLOCK – HSA141 W: 500 mm WALL CLOCKS