Interior Catalogue

28 28 Sloped edges prevent the attachment of a string or similar. Mounted with security screws Detail of the perforated laminate board. Unique technology for optimized sound absorption and safety SOUND ABSORBENT WHITE LAMINATE W FRAME – HS 431 W: 680 mm H: 1280 mm SOUND ABSORBENT WHITE LAMINATE w/o FRAME – HS 433 • An extremely robust sound absorbent panel, specifically designed for challenging environments • The frame is made from solid birch and is designed with sloped edges to reduce the risk of attaching a ligature • The surface can be printed with any image Reducing the noise level in care environments has a stress-reducing effect, which in turn has a positive effect2 on sleep quality, which may lessen the risk of aggression. The fire rated sound absorbent has a unique durable microperforated surface with ideal properties for hygiene requirements due to its hardness and resistance to chemicals. The holes, only 0.5 mm large, hinder dust and fluids to penetrate the board, a requirement ordinary sound absorbents cannot meet. With the sloped edges and mounted with security screws makes the sound absorbent impossible to grab and pull it off the the wall. SOUND ABSORBENT The panel comes in white laminate as a standard, the frame in solid birch. The panels can be mounted horizontally or vertically on a wall or ceiling. The surface can be printed with one of our nature images by Anita Campbell - an opportunity to combine art with the stress reducing function of sound absorbents. 2 References on page 67. See product "Wall Art" (pages 29-31) for the collection of nature images.