Interior Catalogue

29 29 • A range of unique nature images • Contributes to a healing environment • Choose between print on wallpaper, polycarbonate or sound absorbent panel Nature images and and the view of nature have an evidencebased impact on reducing stress.1 In collaboration with the renowned nature photographer Anita Campbell, we are happy to offer a selection of her images for healing environments, such as patient rooms, living rooms, corridors, entrances, etc. The images are printed on unbreakable polycarbonate, custom sized photo wallpaper or on our sound absorbent panels. WALL ART All nature photos pages 30-31 1 References on page 67. Anita Campbell is a professional photographer since 15 years. During her rehabilitation after a traffic accident, she discovered the healing power of nature. Nature photography became her passion. Previously, she had de- voted herself to brain research and is an associate professor in biochemistry. Today, she combines her scientific background and photography.