Interior Catalogue

32 32 BEDSIDE LAMP, HALF GLOBE, DIMMABLE – HSF100 White. Diameter: 1630 mm. D: 730 mm BEDSIDE LAMP, HALF GLOBE, DIMMABLE – HSF102 Customized colour. Diameter: 1630 mm. D: 730 mm BED SIDE LAMP FLEXIBLE PEN – HSI650 25 pcs. L: 100 mm FLEXIBLE PEN – HSI651 100 pcs. L: 100 mm • Soft and flexible to reduce the risk for self harm or harm to other patients or personnel • The flexible pen bends when pressure is applied • Good grip The flexible pen is especially designed for environments where safety requirements are high. Made of transparent soft plastic. FLEXIBEL PEN • Ligature resistant • Robust and durable • Dimmer switch A robust wall mounted dimmable reading bed side lamp with a white powder coated steel casing. Light beam angle 45° downwards and adjustable 25° sideways. The dome shape reduces the risk of injury. The bed lamp’s dimmer and rotation enhances the user’s sense of autonomy and offers better ergonomics.7 Adjustable 25° sideways 7 References on page 67.