Interior Catalogue

33 33 MIRROR DOME 90°, POLYCARBONATE – HSA132 H: 300 mm, W: 300 mm MIRROR DOME 90°, STEEL – HSA130 H: 250 mm, W: 250 mm MIRROR DOME 180°, STEEL – HSA131 H: 250 mm, W: 500 mm MIRROR DOME 180°, POLYCARBONATE – HSA133 H: 300 mm, W: 600 mm MIRROR DOMES • Scratch resistant and unbreakable polycarbonate, minimal distortion • Ensures safety • Ideal for use in any areas that requires wide area surveillance Suitable for corridors, corners, client/day room, visitors area, or other areas that require monitoring. The dome is inserted with impact-absorbing foam, which significantly increases the dome’s impact resistance. HARDWARE DOOR HANDLE – HSK156 H: 150 mm, W: 40 mm, D: 28 mm DOOR HANDLE, BACKPLATE – HSK155 H: 180 mm, W: 52 mm, D: 31 mm HINGES – HSA150 DOOR HANDLE BUFFER –HSA145 • Ligature resistant • Robust • Safe mounting Robust,strong and sustainable, high-quality enhances safety. Specially designed to prevent ligatures The arched shape of the handle with closed underlying cavities makes it impossible to attach a string or similar