Interior Catalogue

1 View through a window may influence recovery from surgery. U l r i ch , R . S . (1984) . Sc i ence , new ser i es , 224 (4647 ) , 420 - 421. Nanda e t . a l , 20 09 . Neu r oes t he t i cs and Hea l t hca r e Des i gn . HERD vo l . 2 WI NTER 20 09 . 2 Psychiatric ward design can reduce aggressive behavior. U l r i ch , R . , Bog r en , L . , Ga r d i ner, S . e t a l (2018 ) Jou r na l o f Env i r onmen t a l Psycho l ogy, 57: 53 - 66 3 The Environmental Psychology of Prisons and Jails: Creating Humane Spaces in Secure Settings. Wener, R . E . (2012) . Camb r i dge: Camb r i dge Un i ver s i t y Pr ess . 4 Patient Safety Standards, Materials and Systems Guidelines New Yo r k S t a t e Of f i ce o f Men t a l Hea l t h . / ht t ps:/ /omh . /omhweb / pa t i en t _ sa f e t y _ s t anda r ds /gu i de . pd f 5 Selfmord i norske fengsler: del 1 Suicidologi, 5(1). Hammer l i n , Y. (20 0 0 ) . / h t t ps:/ / b r age . b i bsys . no / xml u i / b i t s t r eam/ hand l e / 11250 / 160403 /se l vmo r d%20de l 2 . pd f ?sequence=1 6 The meanings of place and space in forensic psychiatric care - A qualitative study reflecting patients´ point of view. O l ausson , S , Dan i e l son , E , Ber g l und Johansson , I & Wi j k , H . (2018 ) . I n t er na t i ona l Jou r na l o f Men t a l Hea l t h Nu r s i ng , 2018 . / ht t ps:/ /do i . o r g / h t t ps : / /do i . o r g / 10 .1111/ i nm.12557 7 "It´s important to not lose myself", Beds, Carceral Design and Women´s Everyday Lift within Prison Cells. James , F. (2018 ) I n Fr ansson , E . , Gi o f r è , F & Johnsen , B (Eds . ) , Pr i son Ar ch i t ec t u r e and Humans . Pos t boks 190 0 , 0 055 O l so , No r way : No r d i c Open Access Scho l a r y Pub l i sh i ng (NOASP) , Cappe l en Damm Akademi sk . REFERENCES HealSafe Interiör constantly strives to improve and develop products to achieve the highest possible level of safety in terms of self-harm, suicide, assault and vandalism. High security environments require the right product to solve the right problem. Proper installation according to our mounting instructions is important for maintaining the product’s properties. To our knowledge, the products we offer and describe as self-harm and suicide resistant function as we intended and shall reduce risk of injuries to patients, clients and staff. Nevertheless, HealSafe Interiör AB does not provide any guarantee that would mean that our products can prevent all kinds of self-harm, violence or suicide since each environment is unique and it is impossible to foresee all incidents that may occur. It is most important to underline that self-harm and suicide resistant products, or products that make a safer work environment, can never replace the human interpersonal factor to screen for suicide, self-harm, threats and violence against staff, vandalism or possession of objects or substances that can seriously harm the individual. It is not possible for HealSafe Interiör AB to warn the consumer of any conceivable and unknown danger in connection with the use of the products, the facilities (i.e. mental health, custodial care and similar institutions where there is risk of self-harm and suicide, or violence towards staff or patients) must use their own common sense and good judgment when using the products. WARRANTY - Read more DISCLAIMER RECOMMENDED READING The Center for Health Design, h t t ps : / / www. hea l t hdes i gn . o r g Healing spaces Es t her M S t er nber g (2010 ) 35