Interior Catalogue

4 4 Since 2010, we have emerged as specialists in interior design for challenging environments. Our first product was developed in close collaboration with a forensic psychiatric hospital in Sweden and since then the demand for solving the needs of users and staff has increased year by year. Today we can offer a completely unique and wide range of safe, robust, self-harm resistant and suicide preventive interior products. Our products are used in challenging environments, such as psychiatric hospitals for children and adults, forensic psychiatric hospitals, youth homes, jails, prisons and in other public environments where safety requirements and harm prevention is crucial for both patients / clients and staff. Our philosophy is based on a belief in Design as a means to create healing environments. Following our philosophy, we do not see any contradiction between safety and an attractive and well functional interior, which otherwise is commonly regarded as a dichotomy. We apply a useroriented design process in our product development which we see as key to create products that meet real needs. The products we develop are solutions to problems identified by our customers who work clinically. This has created an opportunity for a dialogue-based development built on authentic cases and needs. Our products have thus become unique because they solve problems where solutions have not previously existed. Our products are patented or design protected to ensure quality and origin. HealSafe Interiör Self harm and suicide resistant shower rail Self harm and suicide resistant shower shelf Suicide resistant toilet paper holder Unbreakable mirror with good reproduction, an important quality, not least in psychiatry