Interior Catalogue

6 6 J-TRAC CURTAIN RAIL SYSTEM Unique and patented self-harm and suicide resistant curtain rail system for challenging environments. To be able to design an interior with curtains not only creates a less institutional environment, it also allows control of daylight – an important factor for autonomy. Curtains contribute with warmth, colour and improved acoustics. (Read more about our curtains on pages 10-11.) Unlike ordinary curtain rails, the patented design of the J-trac curtain rail resists the attachment of a string or similar to create a ligature. The rail is specifically designed to fit very tight to the surface of the wall or ceiling, which prevents it from being detached to be used as a weapon or a self-harm. If an abnormal load is applied to the curtain runners they release from the rail, only leaving the runners and the curtain as detached parts. The runners are then very easy to clip right back to the rail and run with low friction. In addition, the simple release function allows for staff to easily remove the curtain if needed. The curtain rail is available in three versions • J-trac curtain rail - ceiling mounted • J-trac curtain rail - wall mounted • J-trac shower rail With ordinary "slotted" rails where the runners run inside the rail (even with load release runners ) there is a considerable risk of inserting an object inside the rail, for example a pencil or a tightly rolled page from a magazine with a string around it. With the J-trac design that is not possible. With J-trac there is no longer any reason to avoid curtains for safety reasons. Tested at RISE/SP in Sweden. Recommended by by New York State Office of Mental Health.4 *We use the term self-harm resistant as a collective term to include suicide attempts, self-harm and violence towards staff or patients. 4 References on page 67. Curtains enables own control of daylight and contributes with warmth, colour and improved acoustics