Interior Catalogue

7 7 J-TRAC CURTAIN RAIL – CEILING MOUNTED J-TRAC END CAP CEILING, RIGHT – JT 253 J-TRAC END CAP CEILING, LEFT – JT 265 J-TRAC RUNNER, 10 PCS – JT 255 J-TRAC CURTAIN RAIL*, CEILING MOUNTED – JT 250 * Cut to order or full length: 6100 mm J-trac curtain rail ceiling mounted with unique patented profile End cap Runners • Durable self-harm and suicide resistant curtain rail system for challenging environments • No ligature fixation to the rail, curtain runners release at an abnormal load • Easy to install, extremely difficult to detach rail parts The self-harm and suicide resistant curtain rail has a totally unique design and holds a world-wide patent. It´s developed to meet challenges in psychiatric care and similar environments to contribute to a safe and healing environment. Solid robust aluminum rail with durable powder coated surface. The runners run with low friction. Patented runners that release when exposed to abnormal load